Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning in Canberra

There are many benefits to having professional office cleaning done in Canberra – ranging from improved work health and safety (WHS) to increased productivity. In this blog post, we highlight the general benefits of professional office cleaning in Canberra and explain how Sleek Cleaning Services can assist.

Improved Work Health and Safety (WHS)

A clean office improves work health and safety (WHS) – an important employer obligation. When an office is cleaned regularly, there’s less chance of slips and falls due to spills, debris, or rubbish. Many offices also have kitchen and toilet facilities that require ongoing specialist cleaning to comply with WHS. The office cleaning team at Sleek in Canberra has a good understanding of WHS principles.

Increased Productivity and Employee Wellbeing

Bacteria, mould, dust, dirt, and rubbish build up quickly in most offices. A clean and uncluttered office can improve productivity and morale, as well as benefit staff suffering from allergies and asthma. Sleek Cleaning Services provides a wide range of office cleaning services in Canberra – services that add value and enhance employee wellbeing. You’re in safe hands with Sleek.

Enhanced Business / Organisational Image

A clean and tidy office provides customers, prospects, and potential employees with a positive perception. Dirty windows, walls, floors, and touchpoints can send the wrong message to a visitor. As an office cleaning specialist in Canberra, Sleek Cleaning Services is equipped to clean work spaces, carpets, windows, kitchens, and bathrooms. Sleek also provides rubbish removal services.

Rodent and Insect Control

Rodents (rats, mice) and certain insects (cockroaches, ants) can be attracted to offices – particularly ones with kitchens. An office with a rodent or insect infestation may also attract snakes and spiders. Professional office cleaning in Canberra can help mitigate this risk. The experienced team at Sleek Cleaning Services can remove rubbish, clean floors, and tidy kitchens on a regular basis.

Reduced Fire Risk

The daily removal of combustible waste from bins and paper shredding machines (by a professional office cleaning team in Canberra) can help reduce a client's fire risk. A professional office cleaning team can also ensure that fire escape doors aren’t obstructed by rubbish or debris. Sleek Cleaning Services can assist with scheduled and one-off rubbish removal (including large items).

Lower Rates of Absenteeism

Staff are less likely to become ill in a clean and hygienic office environment. Regular professional office cleaning reduces bacteria levels in work areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, and on high-traffic touchpoints (door handles, light switches, desks). Sleek’s end-to-end office cleaning service in Canberra uses quality cleaning chemicals to ensure that bacterial levels are kept low.


The benefits of professional office cleaning in Canberra can’t be overstated. Therefore, professional office cleaning should be looked upon as an investment rather than a mere cost.

The office cleaning team at Sleek services offices across Canberra and Queanbeyan – providing quality cleaning services that are cost-effective and guaranteed to please.

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