Data Centre Cleaning – Canberra

Sleek Cleaning Services is equipped to provide comprehensive data centre cleaning services in the Canberra region. Our experienced commercial cleaners are fully vetted and renowned for their attention to detail. Whether you need a data centre, colocation facility, or server room cleaned, Sleek Cleaning Services has you covered for data centre cleaning in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Reasons to Choose Sleek for Data Centre Cleaning in Canberra

Sleek is proud of its unique value proposition for data centre cleaning in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

    • We're experts in colour-coded cleaning - a must for data centres.
    • Our cleaning expertise and attention to detail are second to none.
    • We're fully insured - we have Workers' Compensation and Public Liability insurance.
    • All our cleaners undergo a pre-employment criminal record check and possess a White Card and Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) clearance. Our Canberra cleaners are also trained in Asbestos and Silica awareness.
    • We use commercial-grade dry vacuum cleaners that can be fitted with HEPA or ULPA filters. In addition, our cleaners use microfibre cloths, high-quality damp mops, and neutral detergents.
    • Our quality data centre cleaning services in Canberra are competitively priced.
    • We're available to clean outside standard business hours.

As an established commercial cleaning business in Canberra, Sleek Cleaning Services takes the time to understand the unique requirements of all its clients.

Types of Data Centres We Clean

Sleek Cleaning Services is equipped to clean all types of data centres (Tiers 1 – 4) in Canberra and Queanbeyan, including enterprise data centres, colocation facilities, edge data centres, cloud computing facilities, and on-site server rooms. We clean floors, sub-floors, ceiling cavities, server cabinets and doors (external surfaces only), general touchpoints, reception areas, hallways, and bathrooms. We strive to create a low-dust environment for our clients.

Our Data Centre Cleaning Services in Canberra

Sleek Cleaning Services focuses on providing high-quality data centre cleaning services in Canberra and Queanbeyan. Clients can choose between scheduled and once-off cleaning solutions – all at competitive rates. Sleek’s specific data centre cleaning services are outlined below.

    • Sweeping, vacuuming (HEPA / ULPA), damp mopping, and polishing of floors (we don’t take buckets of water into any data centre).
    • Wiping of surfaces and touchpoints (benchtops, door and cabinet handles, walls, light switches, server cabinets, and telephone handsets).
    • Window cleaning of administrative areas (internal and some external).
    • Professional cleaning of wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Replenishment of liquid soaps, hand sanitiser, toilet paper, and paper towels.
    • Carpet cleaning (vacuuming and / or steam cleaning).
    • Rubbish removal, including cardboard boxes and wrapping plastics.

Sleek Cleaning Services guarantees the quality of all its data centre cleaning work in Canberra.

Our Industry Coverage

Sleek's data centre cleaning services are suitable for all industry sectors in Canberra and Queanbeyan, including:-

For more information on Sleek’s data centre cleaning services in Canberra and Queanbeyan, please call 0415 147 240 or email